For more than thirty years I have been collecting photographs that illustrate the changing silhouette of fashion beginning in the 1850s and continuing through most of the twentieth century. The majority of the photographs in the Timeline Archive are firmly dated, that is , inscribed with a date by the sitter or photographer.The Fashion Timeline is an archive of thousands of photographs, the majority firmly dated, chosen to illustrate changes in silhouette beginning in the 1850s continuing to 2000 and also to provide a photographic glossary of fashion terms.  Included are professional fashion photographs, professional photographs of anonymous yet fashionable sitters, early examples of street fashion photography and charmingly casual snapshots.



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Created by

Dorota Liczbinska-Bates

1865 Grid Plaid Silk Dress

1865 Best guess Grid plaid silk taffeta dress with scallop trim worn by Thérèse-Stephanie-Sophie Feuillant (1836-1912) born into a wealthy bourgeois family who married in 1860 Rene de Cassagnes de Beaufort, the Marquis de Miramon. Their family was painted by Tissot in 1865 (The Marquis and Marquise de Miramon and Their Children) and she was painted by Tissot along, full figure, in 1866. The silhouette of this dress is practically a mirror image to the one worn in the 1865 painting.